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Homeowners and collectors, Dick and Anne experienced a devastating fire at their Atlanta estate in 2012. The Snellings Walters Insurance Agency and Rogers-Mcnay made it possible for Dick and Anne to come home again.

Live your life with peace of mind knowing you have the insurance coverages needed to protect your lifestyle, home and assets that you've invested so much time and energy to create.

You deserve Everything Insurance Should Be®, including specialized coverage features, limits and options tailored for the more complex insurance needs of clients with homes starting at $1 million. Backed by Rogers-Mcnay’s financial strength, stability and ethical approach to claims, we will be there to help you recover financially after a covered loss.

The Rogers-Mcnay Executive Classic program covers the full cost to rebuild your home and uses professionals to help establish the cost to reconstruct your home with all its special features. Additional coverages include:

  • Additional living expenses if your home is temporarily uninhabitable
  • Losses caused by water or water-borne material backed up through sewers or drains
  • Full cost to repair or replace your home’s contents with no deduction for depreciation
  • Identity theft expenses and personal advocate to help you recover after an incident
  • Legal liability that you or your family might have for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury to others


Executive Classic policyholders can add coverage where you need it most by adding Capstone endorsements:

Capstone Auto Endorsement

  • Provides the full agreed value for your vehicle after a total loss
  • Replaces your new car with the latest model year if your new car qualifies and is totaled or stolen
  • Covers original equipment manufacturer parts
  • Covers a rental with no daily expense limit while yours is repaired

Capstone Personal Articles Coverage

  • Provides appraisal value for your most valuable fine art, guns, jewelry and other collections
  • Pays up to 150 percent for scheduled articles to account for market value fluctuations
  • Covers up to $50,000 per item on blanket schedule
  • Extends coverage to works of art or jewelry in progress or on loan to you

Employment Practices Liability Coverage

  • Gives you additional liability coverage when employees work in your home and you add coverage to your Rogers-Mcnay umbrella policy
  • Covers up to five residence employees
  • Provides defense costs and covers judgments against allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Offers limit options: $250,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 with a $10,000 deductible

Executive Capstone Excess Flood Coverage Plus

  • Requires primary coverage from a National Flood Insurance Plan
  • Covers detached and other structures, basement contents and improvements
  • Provides extra costs to rebuild to current code after a loss
  • Pays the costs for property removal and prevention measures to avoid imminent loss
  • Reimburses you for additional living expenses during home repairs after a loss
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